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Portable One Car Garages in Kansas

 Portable One Car Garages

A Quick One Car Garage Solution

Portable One Car Garages are a quick solution when you need instant storage or room for the car. They can serve as storage for a garden tractor, garden tools and much more. Customize your Portable Car Garage for your own needs.

Standard Featured of Portable Garagaes

  • 8′ Car Garage Sidewalls
  • The One Car Garage comes with 6 inch overhangs
  • A 9×7 Steel Garage door with Car Ramps
  • 3 ft x 6 ft 8 in Steel Clad Walk in door is included in the Portable Garage

Two Car Garages For Sale

A Customizable Two Car Garage

You will get a massive amount of storage space with Two Car Garages For Sale. These car garage are built as detached garages to give you more space. Park two cars inside or use one bay for garden tools etc.

Panel Sided Two Car Garages

Our Panel Sided Two Car Garages can be customized with 8ft to 16 ft side walls. The panel siding is LP Smart Side with a 50-year warranty that is treated to resist termites, rot, and mold.

Custom Lap Sided, Log Sided and Metal Sided Garages

There are many more options for your Detached Car Garage. We offer various other siding options, custom designed garages for meeting your particular need.
Customized Car Garages in KS

Three Car Garages in KS

Customized Three Car Garages Built in KS

Buy a Three Car Garage and have it custom designed for your home or business. Note the high walls and customized features of this Detached 3 Car Garage. You will have various siding choices and many other options for your three car garage.

Standard Features of Three Car Garages

  • Three 9×7 Garage Doors
  • One Steel Clad Entrance Door
  • All the Standard Building specification of our Detached Garages

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